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Photo Meghan Plowman.

Please feel free to request a media kit or drop me a line with your feedback and suggestions.

Please note, I receive hundreds of emails every day and cannot reply to them all or else I would have no time at all to actually write this blog! However I do read every email I get and will be in touch with you if your idea is of interest. Thank you for understanding.


Know of a lovely home? I would love to hear about it. Please include a description, some background and at least eight low-resolution photos for consideration.

I also love seeing your DIY projects and room renovations - please send before-and-after shots and information on your project and how you achieved it.

You can send emails with low-res photos to maya 'at' or through my contact form below.

Please note also, as of Friday 15th May I am taking some time off full-time writing to go on maternity leave. I may take a little longer to respond to your email requests from this time.