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A Renovating FML Moment

Posted Friday, February 7, 2014 in: Nerd Life

Quickie post today, nerds. Thought I would share something I posted on Facebook yesterday, because it gave my friends a laugh… and I aim to amuse... even though it was so NOT FUNNY for me at the time.

As you might know by now, I have really bad hearing and rely on hearing aids. But I still miss - or misinterpret - a lot of stuff.

At the moment we are slowly working on our second bathroom renovation, and yesterday this very nice window installer man came over this morning to put in a couple of new windows. I needed to leave the house for an appointment and tell him I'm heading out and he starts to follow me. "I need to poo," he says cheerfully. I am fully taken aback. "OH! Okay," I said, all flustered. "Well, you know, the you know, the toilet is right there, or you know, you can use the one in our ensuite, if you really want, I don't mind, obviously. Whatever." He looks at me sadly and doesn't say anything. Then I get to my car and I realise that his car is blocking mine in the drive and that what he ACTUALLY said was, "I need to move." WHY AM I SO DEAF? Also, an idiot?

Mr Nerd, who loves to revel in my social awkwardness, thought it was the best thing ever.

Now I think every time I look at our new windows I’m going to remember that poor installer man and die a little bit more on the inside.

Oh, and our bathroom is slowly... getting... there. I'll blog about what has happened soon. Maya x

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