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House Nerd on TV!

Posted Tuesday, June 24, 2014 in: Nerd Life

So on Monday night the Today Tonight segment I was in went to air! Mr Nerd and I sat down to watch it, him happily, me with great trepidation. I was all jittery and twitchy. But I only screamed out loud a couple of times during the watching, once when I first saw myself at the beginning (you don't understand, our new TV is REALLY big, and my face was REALLY large) and once at the end, when I said “exciting” in a weird way. 

As soon as the show ended, my phone went OFF with calls, texts, emails, Facebook messages. This continued the next two days. I couldn’t believe it really. It felt like all these good feelings were high-beamed at me all at once. Like when we got engaged. Or when we got married. Or when we had our potato party and I carried around the potato cake pops.

Who WOULDN'T love me? Potato naaaaah

Probably thinking of something intelligent to say.

Probably saying something intelligent.

You can check out the clip below or on the Today Tonight YouTube channel here.

Honestly I don’t think I have ever felt quite so popular or received so many text messages, emails and Facebook messages in one hit.

Except when Mr Nerd and I got engaged. And when I put up this photo of Nala on Facebook, which I am pretty sure has gotten more likes than any other status update on my Facebook, ever. And it’s not a Facebook status about ME, it’s about THE DOG. (And it’s not even like she’s doing anything outstanding! Ok rant over).

Mr Nerd said that he will forevermore laugh at my “faux home office scene” in the segment where I pretend to flick through a tome and try to look wise. Which is understandable, because I look suicidal in those bits. I don't know why.

He was disappointed that my giant pimple didn’t make much of an appearance on his giant new big screen TV. But that is because I was wearing the blue top when I had the giant pimple, and they only used one of those clips and it was only a couple of seconds long.

Anyway, it was very nice to get so much nice attention from my people. Even if they included texts like:

“OMG! You look great!! No pimple in sight and I’ve been up close to the screen looking.”

Thank you Rach...

And from my frenemy...

“Hahaha!! I will admit, it didn’t really look like you… or sound like you… I liked your serious work face though! You opened that architecture book up with such purpose and…. ANGER!!! Bad book.”

Erm, thank you, Carly.

After the show ended, Mr Nerd and I decided to go to see How to Train Your Dragon and there was like that vain 8-year-old part of me that was thinking loftily, “I wonder if anyone at the cinema will recognise me”……. no-one did.

We had a very nice night at the movies anyway.

ABOVE: Channel 7 reporter Chantelle Toohey and Etica Studio director Carla Karsakis, whose house was featured. Remember I wrote about her amazing 'Recycled House' once? You should watch the clip because it features some extra glimpses into her beautiful home. One of my faves.

ABOVE: A peek of Carla's home.

Jamie Kyrwood's amazing beach house in Cottesloe also got featured. 

Thank you Channel 7 reporter legend Chantelle Toohey for featuring me in your segment! It was a very exciting start to the week! Maya x

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