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Perth Creatives Unite: The Inaugural 'Shop Talk'

Posted Saturday, July 20, 2013 in: Nerd Life

Perth seems to be exploding when it comes to our creative industries lately and I’m not the only one who has noticed. Connection avenues like We Love Perth and Great About Perth, the creatives and social media like Instagram are becoming more and more popular as people realise how great they are to connect with each other and learn who’s who.

When landscape designer Monica Palmer of Quaint + Casual said she and Natalie from Bowerhouse had been talking about starting to bring together a group of creative people across Perth every so often to have a few drinks and connect with, make friends with and support and collaborate with one another, I had to laugh. Because I had JUST been talking to a few other Perth creatives including Kim Pearson, Meghan Plowman, Stacey Clarke and Emma Grace Hawtrey about doing the exact same thing! It seems we have all been on the same page.

The plans snowballed a little – and Saturday night was the inaugural Perth ‘Shop Talk’ event, with about 25 people turning up to drink, eat, swap contact details and talk all things creative.

Kim kindly volunteered her amazing coastal house and professional cocktail-making skills for the festivities, and everyone got buzzed on her killer punch, ate fabulous food, plucked cards from the business card tray and gave many an awestruck (and perhaps slightly sloshed) upwards gaze at Kim’s amazing collection of feature pendant lights. 

Kim's Midori-based punch went down as easily as fruit juice which explains why three glasses later I unfortunately looked like this in most photos:

Why why whyyyy. I am never drinking again. Kim this is your doing.

It also explains why most of my photos of the night turned out like these:

Thank you to Monica Palmer for taking the good photos of the night... the majority of mine ended up looking like this.

So big thanks to Monica Palmer who, while also enjoying the infamous punch, also managed to get the good photos, like this one below.

We kept the first event fairly small to begin with, just to see how it would go, but it was such a hit and it was unanimous – we have to do it again! There are loads more of you we all still want to invite .

MASSIVE thanks to Monica and Kim for kick-starting and organising this event and mega thanks to Kim for being such an incredible and generous hostess and opening your gorgeous home to the mob. That punch really was deadly. Maya x

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