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Posted Thursday, February 21, 2013 in: Nerd Life

I'm really sorry for not posting over the past week House Nerds. I have been up to my ears in work and deadlines working til midnight every night trying to finish everything off and now I am sick. Feeling stressed out and very much looking forward to the weekend so I can just try to catch up on all my things to do!

My best friends know I have a bad habit of doing this, taking on too much and overcommitting myself then inevitably crashing. On the plus side I've realised I need to make a couple of changes to my lifestyle and once that is done, I will have more time to focus on this little blog (which is something I really enjoy and love to do). Apologies for sounding so 'woe is me'. But I always feel incredibly sorry for myself when I am sick and I treat myself as if I am a dying person. "What can I get for you, my poor love? Would you like a wet towel for your fevered brow? Would you like some chicken soup? No? You're not feeling well enough to eat? Oh you just want a cupcake? FOUR cupcakes? I'll get onto it."

In the meantime here's a little peek at a couple of really gorgeous homes that I'll be putting up on the blog soon. One is a 100-year-old, former wool warehouse-turned-home, the other is also more than a century old, a lovely place in Claremont. Thank you for being so patient nerds! I'll be back really soon.


 Maya x

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