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Christmas Giveaway Winners Announced!

Posted Monday, January 13, 2014 in: Nerd Life

Is it just me, or are there other people also having trouble getting back into the spirit of full-time work again? I still feel a bit slow (or that could be partly because of the disgusting heat wave we’ve been having lately. 44 degrees on the weekend! Ew).

I am lusting after those summers when I was a lazy teenager and did pretty much nothing but read books all day and then wail in angst if my mum asked me to put away the dishes. I miss those summers.

One of the things I did to celebrate summer was launch the very first House Nerd giveaway. Curated by stylist Meghan Plowman, our tribal-inspired Christmas giveaway was a great success! Thanks so much for entering everyone. I loved reading your responses on what interior design trends you are loving at the moment, and found myself nodding in agreement at so many responses. You guys definitely love the kinds of interiors I do!

I’ve drawn the winners for the competition - check the list below to see if you scored! But the bad news is that the email function of my blog has been a bit scummy, so I have had no way of contacting those winners who entered through the site. If you’re a winner, please drop me an email to send me your postal address. My email is maya “at”


Miss Anthea Brown
Joanna Harrison
Kerry Santillo
Natalie In the Night Sky
Amanda Gorton

Congrats guys. If you didn’t win a prize, you still have three days to enter my other competition to win a Dremel Moto-Saw valued at $129… just by telling me what you have got planned for your home in 2014! The Dremel is perfect for DIY around the house and crafty projects and mine has come in very handy. You can enter here. And I have a few other fun competitions coming up soon so stay tuned. Maya x

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