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Nerd News: October

Posted Sunday, October 13, 2013 in: Nerd Life

Some updates on nerd life this month!


Meaning I only realised about a week later. Not surprising really though that I forgot, given that September was so crazy with our wedding and my birthday. And team a crazy month with my inability to remember any kind of important date, birthday, anniversary, or any kind of figure or number really, including my current age (28) and my Mastercard pin (yeah, you’re not getting that one).

I was totally going to do some kind of special birthday post to commemorate the occasion too! Never mind. September 24th next year, House Nerd will be two! I’ll do a special birthday post then. You might need to remind me beforehand please.


Now that our wedding is over, everyone is asking us, “How’s married life?” Married life is more relaxing than engaged life. We had the best day ever on our wedding day. But if you know how I feel about wedding planning, you might guess that we are pretty happy that the wedding planning is finally over! On Friday night we went to a lovely wedding in Kings Park and it was so relaxing to just be a guest at a wedding again (and be able to drink too much champagne without fear of horrifying Mr Nerd’s 90-year-old nanna).

I can’t wait to write a House Nerd wedding post once we get our professional pictures back. I’m kind of obsessed with looking at our wedding photos. I feel myself smiling just looking at them. Oh, and on the honeymoon front - we had a bit of a ‘honeymoon at home’ but won’t be officially honeymooning until next year we think, when we might go to Europe or Canada.

This morning a friend at coffee asked me if I was changing my surname. I will be, but I will be keeping Maya Anderson for work purposes, which is pretty standard for journalists. It would be nice to hyphenate it, like Zoe Foster did when she married Hamish Blake and made her name Zoe Foster-Blake but Maya Anderson-DeRoche is way too wordy! I would get an RSI from signing my name.


One of my best friends recently asked if we would foster this little baby lorikeet that was dropped off at her vet clinic. He had fallen out of this nest and he was being attacked by a magpie.

I totally understand how the little idiot dropped out of his nest because he is clumsy and he can’t sit still for one second. He is always hopping about and running back and forth in excitement and dropping off the kitchen counter. Then he stands on the floor and yells until we come pick him up and put him back. But he is very sweet. He is still growing his feathers and he still needs to be fed with an eyedropper. Mr Nerd named him Zazu like the bird in The Lion King.

FRIEND OR SNACK? Yeah I'm not trusting Nala.

Zazu has made himself at home, and Nala, who normally hates birds and chases them out of the garden, loves to sit by his cage and coo at him. But I am too worried that Nala will one day change her mind about Zazu and chomp his head off, so Zazu will be going to a new home.

Mr Nerd makes me laugh when he does Zazu’s voice. (C’mon. Don’t tell me you don’t put on silly voices and pretend to be your pets talking? We mock Nala daily while she stares at us seething in anger).

When Mr Nerd does Zazu’s voice he gives him Mitch Hedberg’s idiolect and I double up laughing. “Can-you-hold-the-eyedropper-a-little-higher-please.” “Can-you-put-a-towel-on-the-table-for-me-cos-the-table-is-slippery.” Ok maybe it’s one of those ‘you have to be there’ things. Shut up.

The other night my friend texted me to ask how the bird was doing and I responded with this pic of Mr Nerd with Zazu on his head. She texted back. “Why is the burglar doing the dishes??” Fair enough.

Nerd update: Nerds since I wrote this post Zazu has been rehomed! We found him the most perfect home with this gorgeous teenage girl who was such a sweetheart. She was an animal lover and even did volunteer work looking after the birds at the local animal rescue clinic. I was sad to say bye to him but I know he is in the best hands and will be very loved. Thank you to those lovely people who read this post and wrote to me offering to home him. You made my day x


Mr Nerd is going to be embarrassed that I am telling you this, but yes, it is happening this month, and I am EXCITED about it. Yes, the man who was originally going to be my husband and Mr Nerd is coming to Perth. Yes, Scott James Tim Robinson, is coming to Perth and performing with the rest of Five. Woohooo!

Yeah I drew the loveheart on this one myself. Why are you surprised.

My sweet German friend Diana said politely, “Who is Five?” I could only blink at her. Who is Five?! Only one of the greatest boy bands of our time, Diana. Since I was 12 I have had a deep respect for small clans of all-singing, all-dancing pretty boys in oversized pants. I love cheesy boy bands. When the Backstreet Boys had their Perth concert last year Mr Nerd covered his face in his hands when he saw I was making a T-shirt so that Nick Carter would notice me. He didn’t, but it was dark where I was sitting.

I can’t wait to see Five and show them that I still know all the words. Even though J has since left the group so really they should be called Four and Abs now looks like another person entirely which scares me a little.


A few days after Five and it is Halloween, and I really, really, really want 2013 to be the year that my sisters and I finally go to a party dressed as the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus, which is one of the greatest movies of all time. How cool are these guys.


As always the Crap Shack is in a period of change. Here’s a ‘before’ picture of our latest home renovation project – turning our creepy side garden (below) into a vegetable patch watered by our evaporative air-conditioning grey water. Full story to come. Trust me, it won't look this awful once it's all done!


And finally, now that the wedding is over and House Nerd has been going for a year, we are putting into motion some big changes for this little blog.

These changes will mean more time for me to write, which means more posts for you to read. Yay! I’d love to hear what you’d love to read about on House Nerd so please, always feel welcome to tell me any of your ideas. I love reading all your comments. Maya x

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