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Easy DIY Book Page Wallpaper

Posted Monday, November 17, 2014 in: Dare to DIY Obsessed With Nerd Life

Today I’m going to share a very easy DIY project – one that I think is maybe my favourite DIY project ever. I feel like everyone should do this to their home, partly because it is so easy, but mostly because it was actually really fun! I wallpapered a couple of walls in our toilet with pages from a vintage French dictionary. And I love how it turned out.

I’d seen people use book pages for DIY wallpaper before and when I saw it in person at my friend Carla from Etica Studio’s house, where she used vintage newspapers to wallpaper a feature wall in her ensuite, I fell in love with the idea even more. It’s fun and quirky – and costs next to nothing so it appealed to my budget decorating tightarse side (in full swing since our honeymoon).

You don’t have to use pages from a dictionary obviously. I've seen pictures on Pinterest of it done with use maps, music sheets, newspapers, magazine pages (ooh, now I'm thinking vintage equestrian magazines would be cool) comic book pages, children’s storybooks, album covers, family photos.

But I have always been a sucker for lovely old books and when I saw a tattered vintage French dictionary at a secondhand market, straightaway I thought it could make lovely wallpaper. The pages were just so beautiful and the little illustrations so quaint. The man selling apologetically told me it wasn’t in the greatest condition (the binding was loose and the cover hanging off) and said I could have it for three dollars. Sold! Bargain wallpaper. 

Now I know there are people who cry blasphemy about ripping up old books, and I do understand where you’re coming from. But here’s how I saw it.

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The Shenton Park Cottage

Would you buy the house next door to your best friend’s? The owners of this beautiful cottage did.

Ninka and Gus Sampson had always enjoyed visiting their best friends in Shenton Park, whom Ninka had known since her school days – and they had always admired the pretty weatherboard house next door, built back in the 1910s. “I used to visit my ...

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The Spooky Sea Captain's Mansion

Some people like gardens that are perfectly neat, with not a weed in sight or leaf out of place. But my favourite gardens are the messy, crazy, overgrown ones, that enshroud cool old houses in dark jungle-like thickets. I think a crazy overgrown garden is so much more exciting than a perfectly clipped neat garden, like you never know what you ...

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Adding Vintage to Your Home

As much as I love hunting a secondhand market for vintage things for our home, I love trawling the net for other interior design blogs. I’ve been enjoying reading design blogs for years and years, and it’s one of the reasons I decided to start my own. When you find a great blog it’s like a huge dash of inspiration to get up off your butt and ...

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The Hamilton Hill Cottage

This is a house story that makes me happy. It’s about an old, very-loved weatherboard cottage that could have easily been bought by developers and knocked over; its large block of land subdivided. Instead, this 110-year-old house is going to enjoy a new chapter in its life, as a home for a new family in the 21st century. And I feel so chuffed ...

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Obsessed With: Pampa + Win Some Llamas

When so much of what we buy and use in our homes is made by machine, I think it is really nice to have special pieces that have been made by hand. So when I come across some stunning images by a brand called Pampa, a gorgeous homewares range that sell handmade rugs and homewares that would look right at home in a LOT of Perth houses, I want to ...

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The Honeymoon is Over + Making Holiday Resolutions

So we are officially back from our honeymoon to Italy! The past two weeks were two of the best I have ever had. Being super-organised paid off - there were no disasters - but we also got super-lucky. Honestly it was one of the best holidays ever. We are in LOVE with Italy.

Everyone we met was so warm and friendly. Honestly we did not meet one ...

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We're Off on our Honeymoon!

Hey guys, just a little note to let you know I’ll be away from the blog a bit in September… because we’ll be going on our belated HONEYMOON! Woohoo! We booked our tickets rather last minute (about four weeks ago), quickly booked accommodation and we leave in a few days for two weeks in Italy. I am beyond excited. It's been a while since we've ...

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10 Tips for a Stylish, Tidy Home with Kids - and Win Murchison-Hume Products!

As you know, Mr Nerd and I don’t have kids, at least not yet. But we are at a time now where more and more of our friends are starting families. It’s alarming. 

No no, don’t get me wrong, I like little kids. I used to babysit in my school and uni days (directly linked to reading all the Babysitters Club books). My alarm is because I’m realising ...

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The Mundaring Country Cottage

When Mr Nerd and I drive down south, we inevitably end up daydreaming about getting out of suburbia and buying a place in the country one day. I would write, and have horses and force Mr Nerd to come on trail rides with me. He would have dirt bikes and… do man stuff. When we get back home, we procrastinate on the things we need to do to browse ...

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