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Introducing Little Nerd

Posted Sunday, July 5, 2015 in: Nerd Life

I have been a little absent from my blog these past couple of weeks - I am sure a few of you have guessed why! We have some news in nerd world – we had our baby! At 2.03am on Wednesday June 10th, Little Nerd was born.

He weighed in at 3.320kg and 50cm “tall”, and has brown eyes, a penchant for changing outfits at least eight times daily, can sleep through a cacophony of renovation noises and ear-splitting dog barks, and could give Michael Darling a run for his money in the onesie-rocking department.

He is the spitting image of Mr Nerd when he was born and has absolutely none of my features except my overly developed calf muscles and appetite.

"I have basically made a clone of myself," Mr Nerd crowed just this evening as he looked at Little Nerd. 

Little Nerd doesn't seem impressed about that, however.

He is a really lovely baby. I’ve sat here trying to describe what it feels like to have a baby in our lives and have pressed ‘delete’ on every sentence because they’ve all sounded so lame. The best I can come up with is that having a baby feels surreal and natural at the same time. Sometimes it still doesn’t feel like we have a baby; it feels like I stumbled across this weird little squeaky woodland creature in a forest and brought him home (also, who knew that babies squeak like baby guinea pigs? Ok, I didn't).

We’ve been having a really nice time with him. Mr Nerd got six weeks off to be at home with us, and we are still in newborn bubble mode. I feed Little Nerd, and Mr Nerd feeds me… my wonderful husband has been drawing on his cheffing days and doing all the cooking (and day-to-day running around) so I can put up my feet with Little Nerd. With Perth in winter, the nights have been freezing, so Mr Nerd chops wood and starts a fire in the potbelly every night; we walk Nala and Little Nerd to the park each afternoon, come home to give Little Nerd his bath then snuggle on the couch and binge-watch Orange is the New Black. I'm happy. Life now is utter bliss punctuated by moments of sleep deprivation, undereye circles and zombie-like shuffling to do the 2am feed; the endless Tamagotchi that is a newborn! But I am enjoying this time. Well, I love this time right now... ask me again in 12 hours and I might give you a very different answer!

I was always going to write a blog post about our baby arriving (you might have read my other baby posts about my yukky pregnancy and our gender reveal party) but I wasn't sure whether I would write about Little Nerd's birth. A birth is so personal, isn't it? But then I thought, ah, why not. Who cares if there is something slightly awkward about the fact that my uncle may read about my hooha. But when I was pregnant I liked to read blog posts that detailed other people's positive birth experiences (such as the gorgeous Domestic Divinity) and overall, even though I had a very fast labour and a rough recovery trot, I still feel the birth in itself was positive.

So - it was a Tuesday night and I was fat, frumpy and grumpy. Little Nerd was almost a week late and I was pissed off, despite knowing how irrational it is to expect every baby to arrive on its due date.

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The 1930s Art Deco House in Kensington

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Before & After: Our 70s Bar Turned Walk-in Pantry Renovation

So I have exciting news - our new walk-in pantry/scullery renovation is finished! I think this may actually be my favourite renovated room in the house now (although I think I say that about every room once we finish it, even the toilet).

But I AM in love with our new pantry. I first learned about sculleries and larders when I was a kid and ...

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Obsessed With: Em.el Decorative Architraves

Every so often I come across a building or interior design product that is so clever I wonder why no-one has thought of it before. That was the case when I first came across em.el Decorative Architrave, a nifty product created by a very nice Perth-based husband and wife team, Mark and Lorna Spear. 

Do you know those standard metal bull-nosed ...

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The Warehouse Conversion Home of Luc Longley and Anna Gare

Recently I was lucky enough to be asked by one of my editors at The West to go write about the Fremantle warehouse conversion home of celebrity couple Luc Longley and Anna Gare. This request was promptly followed by two Google searches: one, to check that Luc Longley was indeed some kind of sports star as I suspected, two, to see who Anna Gare ...

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If you live in Perth, you will probably be familiar with our city’s old 1970s Italian and Greek mansions, predominantly dotting suburbs including Dianella, Morley, Karrinyup, Stirling, Fremantle and Mt Lawley. Perhaps as much a part of the Perth streetscape as the weatherboard worker’s cottage and the classic Federation home, many of these ...

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Why on earth would you renovate a room you already like? For us, the answer was improved functionality. With a baby on the way in early June, and Mr Nerd’s awareness that he has married a grade A whinger, he decided that putting a dishwasher into our house was an absolute MUST before the baby got here.

Now, you think I would have totally ...

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My Writing is in Inside Out Mag!

I’ve been a big fan of iconic mag Inside Out for years. When they asked me if I'd like to write a story for their April edition, of course I said yes! It’s out in newsagents today – make sure you grab a copy because this issue is their special Colour edition and, I think, particularly gorgeous.

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