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Architecture and Comedy Meet in Man About the House

Posted Wednesday, November 25, 2015 in: Obsessed With Nerd Life

Do you love awesome architecture, amazing design and live comedy? You’re going to go nuts over this event.

Presented by the Australian Institute of Architects - WA Chapter, Man About the House is the brainchild of comedian Tim “Rosso” Ross of Merrick and Rosso fame and his musician mate Kit Warhurst.

When I first heard about this event I thought, “What a cool idea!” Man About the House combines three of my biggest loves: stickybeaking through an amazing iconic house, architecture AND a night of live comedy. (You could actually say I (re)met my husband at a comedy night, but I'll tell you more about that another time).

This stunning Iwan Iwanoff residence - which was his own home and studio - is amongst the line-up. Photo: Jody D'Arcy. 

The Waverley Street house by Klopper & Davis Architects. Photo Jody D'Arcy.

Waverley Street House, a small 1920s bungalow that has been converted into a large family home by owner and architect Sam Klopper of Klopper & Davis Architects, is another stunning home in the line-up. Photo by Jody D'Arcy.

Comedian Tim Ross. Photo Eve Wilson.

The award-winning show combines design, comedy and music. Tim and Kim have performed it in numerous incredible, architecturally significant locations across Australia, New Zealand, as well as Los Angeles and Palm Springs. AND very soon they are coming to Perth to perform Man About the House at four of our city’s most unique and inspiring houses from December 1 – 4, turning the homes into temporary performance spaces. The Perth houses include the home and studio of iconic architect Iwan Iwanoff along with some of Perth’s most prominent architects’ homes, including a 1950s Railway Commissions cottage addition, a 1920s bungalow that has been converted into a large Pacific teak timber-clad family home and a Coolbinia home designed in the 1950s by the renowned Krantz and Sheldon. (You can see more pics of these stunning homes in the rest of this post, and holy crap you are going to LOVE them).

Tim is famous not just for his comedy, but for his love of architecture - in particular his passion for promoting and preserving mid-century modern design.

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I Hate Roe 8

This morning we headed along to the Bibra Lake Protest Rally against Roe 8 at the public area on Progress Drive. Despite the stifling heat, thousands of people turned up to protest against the Perth Freight Link Project and the Roe 8 highway extension.

It was an awesome turnout and I hope it goes a long way in showing the State Government how ...

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Getting Ready for Baby: How We Improved Our House

When we bought the Crap Shack, I never thought it would one day become our first family home. I was never clucky; never been one of those people who turned to mush when a baby was around. Babies always seemed “five years away”. (And then when I reached that age, five years after that).

Babies were just unfathomable. Plus, the Crap Shack was ...

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10 Glorious Church Conversions

One of the most popular homes I ever featured on House Nerd was this incredible church conversion in Mount Hawthorn. I've often daydreamed about renovating and living in a church (Grand Designs has fuelled that obsession) and I was not surprised to learn that so many of you share the same fantasy.

Whether you are religious or not, there is no ...

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Renovating with a Baby (and Win a $50 Menulog Voucher!)

There are a few stages in life that are stressful enough on their own without the addition of other stressors thrown into the mix. One of these is renovating. Another is having a newborn.

Combine them together and, as I have learned, you have a recipe for a small mental breakdown, or at least lots of screaming fits for your neighbours to enjoy ...

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Interiors and Art Meet at Artist Open House Fremantle

If you love art and you looking at other people’s houses (oh, hai) then this is an awesome Perth event I think you will really enjoy!

Interior designer Cathrina Read is the event founder and director of a fantastic - and fun - new concept: Artist Open House Fremantle.

Not long ago, Cathrina realised that there was no doubt about the fact that ...

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10 Easy Tips for a Prettier Garden

Since we had a baby and have been flat out working on getting the renovations in The Crap Shack finished, one thing has definitely suffered – our garden.

I actually really enjoy working in the garden... although you might not think it if you were to pop over our place right now! Although I am not an expert, I used to interview a lot of ...

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10 WA Interiors Instagrammers You Should Be Following

You guys have probably already realised I am pretty proud of the homes and design scene we have going on here in Western Australia... so I wrote a feature for Domain on 10 WA interiors Instagrammers you should be following. You can check it out here. Here's a snap from one account I really enjoy, Dani @darlingmess. She is a FIFO wife, mother ...

Confessions of a Verge Picker

I have been busy with newborn life lately and haven't had much chance to get stuck into my blog. However, if you miss me (ha! I make funny) a piece I wrote has been published on !

I am pretty excited and I have to say immodestly that I really do like this story. It is called 'Confessions of a Verge Picker' and it details my love ...

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The 1960s Minimalist House

The idea of living in a minimalist home is something that has always really interested me. Now when I say a minimalist home, I don’t mean that minimalist stereotype - a bare, cold, sterile abode with a little amount of furniture and little else. No soul.

When I talk about a minimalist home, I mean the kind of house where people have exactly ...

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