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Time to Grovel! I'm a Finalist in the AusMumpreneur Awards

Posted Friday, August 11, 2017 in: Nerd Life

So! I’ve been procrastinating on writing this post for a little while but now it is time. Time to grovel, guys. Grovel for votes.

A little while ago, I found out a very sneaky friend who shall remain anonymous (you know who you are. SARAH FAIRCLOUGH) nominated me for these annual national business awards called the AusMumpreneur Awards.

Photo by Heather Robbins.

The AusMumpreneur Awards are basically a networking community for mums in business and if you win a category, it is a pretty great boost for your brand, great publicity and so on. Anyway, Sarah put me into the running. “I was just on their website having a look and it asked me to put in a name and I thought there would be more steps but then I just clicked ENTER and all of a sudden it told me you were in the competition,” she told me, all green wide-eyed innocence while managing to look smug and fearful at the same time, which is impressive.

Little Nerd and me photo by my friend Crystal Patterson of Mère Photographie.

I asked my Facebook and Instagram friends to put in a vote for me and I want to thank you guys for doing that because I was named one of the finalists in the Influencer category! I am actually a finalist in two categories, the Digital Innovation category as well, but more on that one in a minute.

The thing is that once you become a finalist in a People’s Choice round, they re-set all the votes to zero so you have to start begging for votes again for the second and final round which decides the winner… but if you guys would put in a vote for me for the final round, all I can say is I would HUGELY appreciate it.

You can vote for me here – I’m in Category 4 – Influencer – Maya Anderson of House Nerd.

Voting closes this Sunday August 13th (as usual, I’ve left this til the eleventh hour but better late than never, right?)

As soon as I was told I was a finalist I was reminded of that chapter in Amy Poehler’s autobiography where she’s talking about how she doesn’t care about things like award shows and the Golden Globes and award titles but that when you’re actually nominated for one, it’s like pudding. All of a sudden, you go from not caring one bit about pudding to really, really wanting pudding, and you don’t even like pudding.

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Thinking of Building? 10 Things You Should Know

Thinking of building in Perth? I have always been ALL about renovations and older houses my whole life. But it’s funny because in the past 18 months I have all of a sudden found myself thinking, if our financial situation allowed for it, I would actually love to be able to build a more contemporary house one day.

There have been a few triggers ...

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The Dalkeith E-Shaped House

I have always been intrigued by people who pursue one career path, excel in their field, then turn around and decide to chase something completely and utterly different. It’s partly because I can’t imagine the level of dedication and commitment required for someone to study something completely new, right from the start, and then pursue it as ...

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One Tool That Makes Managing an Investment Property Easier

How many of you own or have owned an investment property?

If there is one major lesson Mr Nerd and I have learned from investing in a property, it’s to keep an organised record of photos and documentation of the property, inspecting it from the moment you get that place. And if you don’t, it could very well one day bite you in the ass.

Say one ...

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Styling a Home to Sell It Faster

Have you ever been house hunting and seen a listing with real estate photography so bad, it’s turned you off from even visiting a house? Or have you ever visited a home for sale you’ve been eyeing off only to be disgusted the moment you step foot inside?

I have, while we were house hunting. Not only do I remember feeling turned off from bad ...

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How to Choose Window Treatments (and Our Haunted Blinds)

What advice would you give your younger self if you could go back in time?

This is what I would tell my 24-year-old self. First don’t idly wax your eyebrows while reading a magazine. Focus, you silly twit. You will wax half your right eyebrow clean off, leaving you with an intriguing, puzzled expression for the next six weeks. You’ll then ...

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We're Renovating Our House's Elevation! and the Before Photos

The renovating bug is a sneaky thing, isn’t it? Once you’ve been bitten by it (or the home building bug, which I hear is as equally infectious) it’s never long after you throw down your paintbrush one day and swear, “That’s it! I’m done! I’m not doing any more renovations,” that bug raises its little head again.

About a year and a half ago, Mr ...

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The Nature Inspired Eco House

Well, this is it, guys - hands-down one of the coolest houses I’ve had the honour of featuring on House Nerd!

This is Nature Inspired Eco House. Designed for a tiny 200sqm infill block in the city, this two-storey, solar passive new home is eco-friendly and runs on renewable energy (with no air-con).

Built from a mix of eco-friendly materials ...

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The Frank House by Iwan Iwanoff

So I’m going to make a bold call here, but I have to call it - I think I’ve found my favourite Iwan Iwanoff house yet. (At least my fave of all the ones I’ve visited so far!) It’s this quietly shy beauty – the Frank House in Menora.

The house is owned by Michael and Carmen Forde, who own Mary Street Bakery and MAKERism and who live with their ...

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Thinking of Doing an IKEA Kitchen? The Pros and Cons

Arrrgh… I’ve been a bad blogger. Seriously I have been meaning to do this blog post for ages, I’ve had it mostly written up and I mostly just kept forgetting. (Sorry to those of you asked for it).

I am disturbingly absent-minded. I don’t know how I retain stupid information, like that there are four to six harmless mites living on the base of ...

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