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Obsessed With: Em.el Decorative Architraves

Posted Sunday, May 17, 2015 in: Obsessed With Dare to DIY Guest Nerd

Every so often I come across a building or interior design product that is so clever I wonder why no-one has thought of it before. That was the case when I first came across em.el Decorative Architrave, a nifty product created by a very nice Perth-based husband and wife team, Mark and Lorna Spear. 

Do you know those standard metal bull-nosed door frames that seem to be in every second Australian house? They’re widespread and practical – but not all that pretty. We have them in our 1970s house. We once thought about knocking one out when we tossed up changing our ensuite door to a cavity slider to save space, but these metal door frames are SUPREMELY solid – knocking them out is not easy. In fact, I actually remember sitting in a uni lecture once and it being said if there is an earthquake or a tornado and you have those metal doorframes in your home, one of the safest places to hide out is under them. (I am not sure why I learned this in a Bachelor of Arts journalism degree).

An em.el decorative architrave on this standard bullnose doorframe takes it from plain to stunning. All photos by Heather Robbins of Red Images Fine Photography

Anyway – so while these door frames have their place in natural disasters, they are not very, well, attractive. So Mark and Lorna created a series of beautiful decorative architraves that you slip over the top of these metal bull-nose door frames and fix with an acrylic sealant – turning your average-looking door into a gorgeous one, like the above. “We realised that it was not possible to just replace the frames as it would cause a huge amount of damage to the door opening and the surrounding wall, so we came up with a design that could cover the metal frame and provide a beautiful frame with a stunning decorative architrave,” says Lorna. “All rooms look finished and complete with a beautiful frame!”

English-born husband-and-wife couple Lorna and Mark Spear saw a niche in the WA market and created their product to suit. Photos by Heather Robbins of Red Images Fine Photography.

Mark and Lorna came to Australia from the UK with their three kids almost four years ago

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The Warehouse Conversion Home of Luc Longley and Anna Gare

Recently I was lucky enough to be asked by one of my editors at The West to go write about the Fremantle warehouse conversion home of celebrity couple Luc Longley and Anna Gare. This request was promptly followed by two Google searches: one, to check that Luc Longley was indeed some kind of sports star as I suspected, two, to see who Anna Gare ...

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The Transformed 70s Italian Mansion

If you live in Perth, you will probably be familiar with our city’s old 1970s Italian and Greek mansions, predominantly dotting suburbs including Dianella, Morley, Karrinyup, Stirling, Fremantle and Mt Lawley. Perhaps as much a part of the Perth streetscape as the weatherboard worker’s cottage and the classic Federation home, many of these ...

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The Dishwasher Debate: Why We’re Renovating Our Kitchen

Why on earth would you renovate a room you already like? For us, the answer was improved functionality. With a baby on the way in early June, and Mr Nerd’s awareness that he has married a grade A whinger, he decided that putting a dishwasher into our house was an absolute MUST before the baby got here.

Now, you think I would have totally ...

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5 Ways to Get Better Value on Your Home Reno

So as many of you know already, Mr Nerd and I have been renovating our house for a little while. Okay, for years. Okay, from the day we got the keys, at the tender ages of 24. We were slapping up some dodgy DIY render on the kitchen walls even before cracking open the celebratory bottle of champagne given to us by the real estate agent (I ...

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10 Interiors Instagrammers You Must Follow

Where do you guys get your inspiration from when it comes to designing and styling your home? Magazines? Books? Or do you hunt for ideas and motivation on Pinterest or awesome blogs? (I hear this blog House Nerd is quite good). A good blog has always been one of my favourite motivators - sometimes a blog I stumble upon is just SO GOOD I get ...

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My Writing is in Inside Out Mag!

I’ve been a big fan of iconic mag Inside Out for years. When they asked me if I'd like to write a story for their April edition, of course I said yes! It’s out in newsagents today – make sure you grab a copy because this issue is their special Colour edition and, I think, particularly gorgeous.

I love writing house stories, but I love ...

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The Worker's Cottage Renovation

I have always loved the tiny, original workers' cottages in suburbs like Leederville, Subiaco and Fremantle. But although I look at them from the outside and admire their quaintness and charm, often I think that I could never live in one – I presume that they must almost always be way too small and cramped inside.

Well this worker's cottage is ...

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The Completely Edible Suburban Garden

Can you be self-sufficient from the average-sized suburban garden? I don’t know, but the owner of this one is definitely trying – and she has such an awesome garden that I think half of you will be itching to plant sweet potatoes or peaches this weekend.

I was introduced to home owner Kate Reading by my friend Heather Robbins, whose name you ...

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The 1960s Country Town Cottage

I felt like I was going back in time a bit when I went to visit this little house – a tiny 1960s cottage in a quiet country town. And it is gorgeous!

This red brick cottage is home to interior designer Hayley Kessner, 31, (known as Hayley Gemma) and her husband Chadd, 38, a builder and construction manager. Hayley and Chadd live with their ...

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