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The Woodbridge Weatherboard Renovation

Posted Tuesday, June 21, 2016 in: Home Envy

It was dilapidated, needed love and had slowly deteriorated to the point that almost none of the doors and windows could be closed properly. But there was something mesmerising about the old weatherboard cottage that drew young couple and serial renovators Nat and Trent Huckerby to buy it, with the dream of renovating it and turning it into a lovely home to start their family.

Still, upon their first night in the cottage, after having left their beautifully renovated Victorian terrace to move into a house with a leaky roof, floorboards of questionable stability (one unfortunate family member actually fell through) and upon having freshly discovered their new home had a window without any actual glass in it, Nat admits she cried – and wondered if her family and friends were right when they said she and Trent were crazy for even considering a house most people would have bulldozed.

Well, Nat and Trent have now certainly since laid rest to the ‘crazy’ rumours. Just look at this incredible house! Following a ten-year labour of love, the Huckerbys have turned this old cottage into a Woodbridge neighbourhood icon and a wonderful, well-loved family home.

FRONT GARDEN: The wrought iron fencing in the front garden was a secondhand find and one of Nat and Trent’s favourite features. “The wrought iron featured in our front wall we discovered long before we bought this home at a salvage yard and knew one day we would find the perfect home for it!” says Nat. 

STELLA’S ROOM: “Stella has the antique bed that was mine as a child - my mum had found it out on verge collection 33 years ago and it’s over 100 years old,” says Nat. Photos by Red Images Fine Photography.

THE BACK VERANDA: “We love to sit outside either on the lawn or day bed and just admire the view and the birds,” says Nat. “It’s really peaceful and I think it’s just so unexpected when living in suburbia to have this outlook.” Photos by Red Images Fine Photography.

After restoring every inch of this house, Nat and Trent recently made the difficult, emotionally charged decision to sell it to take on a new and even bigger challenge - the restoration of a huge, historic 1917-built lodge in the Perth hills. They decided to sell their weatherboard house at auction – where the little house no-one wanted actually achieved a suburb record for Woodbridge!

Nat and Trent had lived in this house for just more than ten years after buying it in October 2005. As a young couple they had renovated their previous place, a Victorian terrace, and were looking for a home to start a family in when Nat spotted the little weatherboard for sale in the paper. She couldn’t get it out of her head.

“It intrigued me for weeks,” she said. “When I finally thought it could be our next project, it had come off the market.

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Dream Houses and Superdraws

Renovating our house in stages - saving up for each project as we go and doing it over the years - has not always been easy, but it has definitely made us really appreciate each new change to our house as we’ve ticked it off the list. 

But when you feel like you are saving bit by bit for home projects, it can definitely be fun to dream bigger, ...

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Diary of an IKEA Kitchen Renovation

So we’ve now lived with our IKEA kitchen for a year and I thought it was about time I blogged a bit more about it and the renovation process – including all the sweat, blood and hormonal pregnancy tears!

You might remember last year a post I wrote when I was 25 weeks pregnant and Mr Nerd and I decided to do some renovations, which included ...

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Choosing Modern Paint Colours for Older Homes + Win Bauwerk Paint!

Whether it’s a cute character 1900s cottage, a not-so-cute 1980s villa or anything in-between, there are definitely a lot of you guys who are buying older homes and doing them up.

But when it comes to painting these houses, we don’t always want to re-paint them in the colours that were fashionable in the era the house was built. And why would ...

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The Eco-Friendly Small House in Maylands

I have been a fan of the houses of WA architect Ben Mountford for a while now. You might remember I did a story a few years ago on the renovation and extension he designed for this old Mt Hawthorn cottage, which won him an architecture award. His homes are cool; yet relaxed and liveable, different; but not pretentious, and every element is ...

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Jocelyn’s Gender Neutral Nursery Renovation

Sooo... a little confession from me. Little Nerd is now ten months old, I’m starting to think about the logistics of organising a small party for his first birthday (“If I let him loose on a chocolate cake, will he not sleep for the next three days?” etc) I write a blog called House Nerd AND I haven’t finished my baby’s nursery. Mmmm. Yes, I ...

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The Quirky 1940s Renovation

When first home buyer and building designer Janik Dalecki bought a dumpy little Maylands cottage, his friends thought he had lost the plot. “The house ticked all my boxes and I instantly saw what potential it had,” he says. “But family and friends thought I was crazy and said things like it’s a bowl-over!”

But Janik, who runs his own business

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The Solar Passive House in Stoneville

Rolling country views, a pony, dogs, a beautiful solar passive new build, a lovely family and two pet sheep who are convinced they are people - this wonderful home visit was one of my favourites and I’m so pleased to share it here today with these gorgeous photos by Heather.

Nestled in the Perth hills in picturesque Stoneville, this family ...

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A Bauwerk Paint Makeover with Meghan Plowman: Part 2

There is no easier, faster, more affordable way to completely transform a home than with paint. I am constantly surprised by how much paint can change the look and mood of a space.

So when my friend Meghan Plowman decided to give her cute-but-dated 1960s house a simple whitewash makeover using all-natural paint from Bauwerk Colour, taking its ...

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A Bauwerk Paint Makeover with Meghan Plowman: Part 1

Today I am really excited to be sharing the first post in a special two-part Guest Nerd post that features four things that I think are awesome:

- a cool DIY how-to
- a wonderful local company
- one of my talented best friends
- and the transformative power of fresh paint.

When my friend Meghan Plowman, an art director, stylist and fellow house ...

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