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If you're obsessed with houses, this is the blog for you! My name is Maya Anderson. I'm a house nerd and freelance journalist. Based in Perth, Western Australia, I write about homes, renovations and interior design for my job as a journalist and love houses of all different styles. But the ones I’ve always been the most drawn to are the ones that have a warmth to them, an invitingness. House Nerd is my way of looking more intimately at those places. Whether a House Nerd place is a cosy old Art Deco cottage, a light-filled beach house or a tiny flat furnished on a shoestring, they all have that welcoming feel, and House Nerd lets you peek into them.

I also love blogging about cool shops, interesting people in the business and I also love a great before and after story, whether it’s small (like a little old table) or massive (like a crumbling limestone mansion) You can read about some of these here.

I also blog about our renovations to our own home, The Crap Shack, a former display home built in the 1970s. When we bought it, it had barely been touched since that era, brown and pink rose-pattered ensuite, orange glass and pungent shagpile carpet included. You can check out our renovating adventures (and mistakes!) here.

You can follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, InstagramTwitter and Bloglovin - and I love hearing your feedback and story suggestions. Hope you enjoy browsing House Nerd as much as I enjoy writing it - take the key and enjoy a tour!

You can get in touch with me through our Contact page here.

Disclaimer: This blog contains posts where I have been compensated in the form of monetary payment or product. While I love producing House Nerd, I always approached blogging as a business. It is now part of my job as a freelance journalist and it began with that goal in mind.

To keep House Nerd going, and with high quality content, I do take on monetary compensation for sponsored posts and links. I still write my honest opinions because (at the risk of sounding obnoxious) I have always been conscious that as a digital influencer I have a responsibility to be honest to my readers about the products and services I use and the companies I endorse, because without my loyal readers this blog would not exist. I am honest about my experiences in my reviews and am selective about the companies, brands and individuals I choose to work with (often choosing those whose products or tools we have bought previously and particularly like) and try to only pick companies where I feel their morales, values and aesthetics are in line with my own. To this end, not every one is a perfect fit and we end up working with a relatively small percentage of the companies that approach us. If you are interested in working with House Nerd, we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to drop me a line any time.